W.T. Bathgate Rules

  1. 5 Man team
  2. Home clubs offer a minimum of 3 dates for ties to be played and must include at least 1 midweek and 1 weekend date
  3. Teams: must be nominated in a 1-2-3-4-5 order for each match i.e. Competitor No. 1 of the home club must play competitor No. 1 of the visiting club. 2 plays No. 2 and so on
  4. Each round will be on a Knock-Out basis with each match consisting of five singles decided by handicap match play over 18 holes. A winning game will count as one point and a game that finishes all square after 18 holes will count as a half-point. In the event of a match being tied 2½ – 2½ after the completion of the final two-ball, the designated No. 5 player must play a sudden-death handicap match starting on the tee from where the original match began and continuing hole-by-hole until there is a result
  5. Handicap Allowance – Full difference
  6. Handicap restrictions – Max playing handicap of 18, any players with handicaps above this may still play but must play off a maximum course handicap of 18
  7. Any disputes regarding the listed Rules and Conditions can be discussed with the Tournament Committee, whose decision will be final. The Tournament Committee consists of Robert Jamieson (Dunstanburgh Castle), & Michael Arkle (Rothbury)