The Glendale Trophy (Knockout Cup) Rules

4.1 The Competition will include all Teams in The North Northumberland League.

4.2 The entry fee will be fixed by the Committee.

4.3 Each Team will consist of five players.

4.4 The competition will be match play knockout, played off scratch, but players do not need to play in handicap order.

4.5 A result in all individual matches must be obtained, sudden death extra holes to be played if necessary.

4.6 A draw for the preliminary and first round will be made by the Match Secretary at the Spring Meeting of the League. The dates for completion and result reporting of each round will be notified with each draw

The final will normally be held on the course of one of the losing semi-finalists. This to be determined by the Match Secretary.

4.7 Once each match is completed the winning captain must immediately inform the match secretary of the result to enable him to make a draw for the next round. Results must be in the Match Secretary’s hand by no later than the completion date for each round, otherwise both teams will be eliminated.

4.8 It is the responsibility of the home team to contact the away team within 7 days of the draw to offer three dates to play matches (except for the final), the away team then have 7 days to respond from this point of contact. If either the home team or the away team miss their respective 7 day deadlines they will be disqualified. Dates offered must be within a two week period and one of the dates must be at a weekend, eg one date in week 1 and two dates in the next week or vice versa, ( the week is Monday to Sunday ), failure to do so will result in loss of match for the home team. Should the away team be unable to compete on any of the dates given, the match will be awarded to the home team.

4.9 Players are not allowed to use ride on buggies without prior consent from the NNGL committee via the league secretary or in his absence the chairman. This does not apply to a player being ferried back to replay a shot.