Matchplay League Rules

MEMBERSHIP: The League shall comprise of Men’s Teams representing Alnmouth , Alnmouth Village, Alnwick Castle, Bamburgh Castle, Berwick Goswick , Burgham Park, Dunstanburgh Castle, Linden Hall, Longhirst Hall, Magdalene Fields (A & B), Rothbury, Seahouses, and Warkworth, Golf Clubs.

Teams representing other Golf Clubs in North Northumberland may be admitted to membership by a majority vote at a general meeting of The League.

STRUCTURE: The League will consist of one division whereby all teams will play each other once either home or away asset by the Match Secretary. The fixtures will then be reversed for the following season before a full redraw for the next 2 seasons and so on.

MATCHES: Each team shall consist of six players who must be members of the club they represent.

No player shall represent more than one team in any season. Players will be paired in order of their exact handicap index, matches may go off in any order and start at any tee by arrangement with the team captains. All matches shall be played off scratch according to the rules of golf and local rules of the home club.

ARRANGEMENTS: Prior to the match commencing, Team Captains or their Deputies must exchange team sheets showing player’s names in order of handicap index from lowest to highest to set the match order betweeen the 2 teams. Matches to commence between 5.30pm -6.30pm, or earlier by agreement of both team captain’s or their deputies. The last match must be ready for play by 6-30pm. In the event of a last minute substitution, the substitute player must be paired according to the handicaps of the players in the matches not yet started. Should a team fail to field six players it will forfeit two points for each player short. Should a team fail to field four players for a match they will be withdrawn from the league and all points won and lost by that team for the season will be null and void.

The Captain of the home team is responsible for uploading the full results to the NNGL website within three days of the match being played.

A winning player will score two points for his team while a halved match will earn one point for each team.

POSTPONEMENTS: Adverse weather or course closure on the day of a match, are the only reasons for the abandonment or postponement of a match. In either case both team captain’s or their deputies must agree to the action and the whole match must be played before the following Wednesday. Should, for any reason, the Captains fail to agree upon a date, The Secretary or if unavailable, The Chairman of The League will adjudicate.

CHAMPIONS: At the end of a season the team with the most points in the first division will be The North Northumberland League Champions. If 2 or more teams are tied on points to win the league, a playoff match or matches at neutral venues will decide the winner.

DISPUTES: Any disputes regarding the interpretation of these rules, or the playing of league matches, if not covered in the rules of golf, will be adjudicated upon by the Executive Committee of The League, who’s decision shall be final.

RIDE ON BUGGIES: Players are not allowed to use ride on buggies in league matches without prior consent from the NNGL committee via the league secretary or in his absence the chairman. This does not apply to a player being ferried back to replay a shot.