W.T. Bathgate Rules

  1. 5 Man team
  2. Home clubs offer a minimum of 3 dates for ties to be played and must include at least 1 midweek and 1 weekend date
  3. Teams: must be nominated in a 1-2-3-4-5 order for each match i.e. Competitor No. 1 of the home club must play competitor No. 1 of the visiting club. 2 plays No. 2 and so on
  4. Each round will be on a Knock-Out basis with each match consisting of five singles decided by handicap match play over 18 holes. A winning game will count as one point and a game that finishes all square after 18 holes will count as a half-point. In the event of a match being tied 2½ – 2½ after the completion of the final two-ball, the designated No. 5 player must play a sudden-death handicap match starting on the tee from where the original match began and continuing hole-by-hole until there is a result
  5. Handicap Allowance – Full difference
  6. Handicap restrictions – Lowest Handicap 5.5 -Max handicap 21.4, any players with handicaps above this may still play but must play off a maximum of 21 (This is open for discussion, if clubs feel they would struggle to find a team)
  7. Any disputes regarding the listed Rules and Conditions can be discussed with the Tournament Committee, whose decision will be final. The Tournament Committee consists of Steve Barron (Alnwick Castle), & Michael Arkle (Rothbury)