Wednesday, August 07 2019

League 1
Alnwick Castle 11-1 Linden Hall
J Lingard drew with L Cochrane R Campbell beat P Cochrane 5&4 J Friar beat P Postgate 5&4
W Belisle beat Dick Bailey 5&4 A Smith beat Alastair Lambie 7&6 Mark Friar beat Barrie Guy 5&4
Alnmouth Village 6-6 Alnmouth
A Stanton beat J Henderson 2&1 S Oliver lost to L Denny Sam Read beat R Gander 3&2
J Jobson beat Kevin Henderson 2&1 B Lawn lost to Phil Airey 2&1 S McKee lost to J Southward 2&1
Bamburgh Castle 12-0 Warkworth
P Sanderson beat K Lansbury 2&1 M Dawson beat N Holden 4&3 M Thompson beat S Fairhurst 4&3
Club Admin beat W Gair 5&4 S Priestley beat G Henderson 5&4 C Taylor beat I Gray 3&2
League 2
Dunstanburgh Castle B 3-9 Rothbury
G Mallaburn beat Mark Clements 4&2 Dennis Wiiliams lost to N Richardson 7&5 K Baldwin lost to D Arkle 1up
J Carss drew with A Richardson I Murdy lost to P Evans 3&2 R Carr lost to M Arkle 5&3
Burgham Park 12-0 Wooler
C Moat beat S Lowery 6&4 M Seccombe beat S Lamb 4&3 J Strachan beat T Crossman 7&6
G Murray beat t symons 1up R Leyland beat Geoff Brown 6&4 F Leet beat J Spencer 5&4
Goswick 11-1 Magdalene Fields B
D Greenshields drew with S Armstrong Ivan Martin beat D McAskill 5&4 M Wilson beat N Deary 6&5
K Gullan beat B Renton 8&7 S Knightengale beat M Eden 2&1 E Johnson beat K Nisbet 6&5

Wednesday, July 31 2019

League 1
Seahouses 2-10 Alnwick Castle
A Topham beat J Lingard 1up A Trimby lost to R Campbell 2&1 J Hogg lost to J Friar 1up
G Pearson lost to W Belisle 3&2 K Wright lost to A Smith 4&3 K Swan lost to CS Jobson 2&1
Alnmouth 12-0 Magdalene Fields
J Henderson beat S Jackson 2up L Denny beat K Yule 3&1 R Gander beat A Potts
Phil Airey beat P Richardson 1up D Archibald beat M Hodgson 3&1 J Eggleston beat K Atkinson 3&1
Linden Hall 1-11 Bamburgh Castle
P Cochrane lost to P Sanderson 7&6 M Haefner drew with M Dawson Trevor Hodge lost to M Thompson 5&4
Simon Osborne lost to Club Admin 7&6 Chris Foster lost to S Priestley 3&1 Barrie Guy lost to Club Admin 4&2
Warkworth 11-1 Alnmouth Village
Merrill Lansbury drew with A Stanton 4&3 S Fairhurst beat S Oliver R Balmbra beat Sam Read 1up
W Gair beat J Jobson 4&3 G Henderson beat B Lawn 3&2 M Graham beat S McKee 4&3
League 2
Dunstanburgh Castle 8-4 Magdalene Fields B
D Saunders beat N Smiles 6&5 G Barber lost to M Eden 2&1 Paul Kingsland beat S Young 3&2
R Jamieson beat B Renton 7&5 George Robson lost to K Nisbet 3&2 M Leetham beat K Scott 3&2
Wooler 9-3 Dunstanburgh Castle B
R Carr beat A McGrady 3&2 Geoff Brown beat G Mallaburn 1up R Lowery drew with J Carss
T Carr beat K Baldwin 1up J Spencer beat R Carr 1up T Crossman lost to I Murdy 1up
Burgham Park 3-9 Goswick
D Ledger lost to D Greenshields J Strachan lost to K Gullan 7&6 J Hendrie lost to S Knightengale 5&4
G Murray lost to Paul Holmes 6&4 F Leet drew with Lesley Wallace P Murphy beat Club Admin 6&5

Wednesday, July 24 2019

League 1
Alnwick Castle 2-10 Alnmouth
J Lingard lost to A Minnikin 2&1 R Campbell lost to J Henderson 3&2 J Friar lost to L Denny 4&3
W Belisle lost to D Baker 4&3 A Smith lost to Phil Airey 2&1 CS Jobson beat J Southward 2&1
Bamburgh Castle 10-2 Seahouses
P Sanderson beat A Topham 5&4 M Dawson beat J Hogg 1up M Thompson beat G Pearson 5&4
Club Admin beat K Wright 1up S Priestley beat K Swan 3&2 C Taylor lost to Steve Swan 2&1
Magdalene Fields 9-3 Alnmouth Village
S Jackson beat Sam Read 3&2 K Yule lost to J Jobson 2&1 A Potts beat S Oliver 5&4
P Richardson drew with A Stanton M Hodgson beat S McKee 4&2 K Atkinson beat C Wass 1up
Linden Hall 6-6 Warkworth
L Cochrane beat Paul Wilson 3&1 G Lowes beat N Holden 2up Kevin Jones lost to S Fairhurst 4&2
M Haefner lost to G Henderson 6&5 Trevor Hodge lost to W Gair 2&1 Alastair Lambie beat Adam Wales 2&1
League 2
Magdalene Fields B 6-6 Rothbury
S Armstrong drew with Mark Clements N Smiles lost to N Richardson 4&3 D McAskill lost to A Richardson 2&1
N Deary beat P Evans 3&2 B Renton beat M Arkle 6&5 M Colven drew with S Foreman
Dunstanburgh Castle B 6-6 Burgham Park
G Mallaburn beat C Moat 6&5 John Carss lost to M Seccombe 4&3 K Baldwin beat D Ledger 2up
R Carr beat J Hendrie 5&4 R Howcroft lost to P Murphy 6&4 I Murdy lost to R Leyland 4&2
Goswick 10-2 Dunstanburgh Castle
D Greenshields beat D Hindson 3&2 Ivan Martin beat G Barber 5&4 M Wilson beat K Wright 5&4
K Gullan beat S Potts 1up G Greenaway lost to Jonathan Barber 3&2 Paul Holmes beat R Jamieson 2up

Wednesday, July 17 2019

League 1
Alnmouth 12-0 Bamburgh Castle
A Minnikin beat P Sanderson 2&1 J Henderson beat M Dawson 5&4 L Denny beat M Thompson 5&4
R Gander beat S Priestley 3&2 D Baker beat C Lishman 1up J Southward beat C Taylor 5&4
Seahouses 10-2 Linden Hall
A Topham beat L Cochrane 2&1 J Hogg beat G Lowes 4&3 G Pearson beat Daniel House 1up
K Wright lost to P Cochrane 5&4 K Swan beat M Haefner 4&3 Steve Swan beat Trevor Hodge 5&4
Alnmouth Village 8-4 Alnwick Castle
Sam Read beat J Lingard 2&1 S Oliver lost to J Friar 4&3 J Jobson beat W Belisle 1up
B Lawn lost to A Smith 3&1 A Stanton beat CS Jobson 5&4 S McKee beat C Donaldson 6&5
Warkworth 5-7 Magdalene Fields
Merrill Lansbury lost to S Jackson 6&5 N Holden lost to K Yule 5&4 Paul Wilson drew with A Potts
K Lansbury beat P Richardson 3&2 S Fairhurst lost to M Hodgson 1up W Gair beat K Atkinson 2&1
League 2
Magdalene Fields B 12-0 Wooler
S Armstrong beat P Routledge 6&5 N Smiles beat S Lowery 4&3 D McAskill beat R Carr 2&1
M Eden beat R Lowery 1up P Purves beat J Spencer 4&3 B Renton beat T Carr 5&4
Rothbury 8-4 Dunstanburgh Castle
Mark Clements beat S Sullivan 3&2 N Richardson beat D Saunders 1up D Arkle beat D Hindson 3&2
P Evans lost to K Wright 2&1 A Richardson beat G Barber 5&4 N Rogerson lost to R Jamieson 3&2
Dunstanburgh Castle B 5-7 Goswick
W Sutherland lost to M Wilson 3&2 David Shearer beat K Gullan 2&1 G Mallaburn lost to S Knightengale 4&3
K Baldwin drew with Keith Turnbull J Carss lost to Colin Greive 6&5 I Murdy beat Ben Wright 1up

Wednesday, July 10 2019

League 1
Bamburgh Castle 10-2 Alnmouth Village
P Sanderson beat Sam Read 3&2 M Dawson beat J Jobson 1up M Thompson lost to A Stanton 1up
S Priestley beat B Lawn 5&4 C Lishman beat S Oliver 1up C Taylor beat C Wass 2&1
Linden Hall 4-8 Alnmouth
L Cochrane beat J Henderson 1up Kevin Jones lost to L Denny 2&1 P Cochrane lost to R Gander 3&2
John Simpson lost to Kevin Henderson 7&6 M Haefner beat Phil Airey 3&2 Simon Osborne lost to J Southward 3&2
Alnwick Castle 11-1 Magdalene Fields
R Campbell beat S Jackson 2&1 J Friar beat K Yule 2up W Belisle drew with A Potts
CS Jobson beat P Richardson 5&4 A Smith beat M Hodgson 5&4 C Donaldson beat K Atkinson 3&2
Seahouses 7-5 Warkworth
A Topham drew with K Lansbury G Hornsby beat N Holden 3&2 A Trimby beat G Henderson 6&5
J Hogg lost to W Gair 3&1 G Pearson lost to M Graham 2&1 D Hornsby beat Adam Wales 2&1
League 2
Dunstanburgh Castle 12-0 Wooler
D Saunders beat S Lowery 6&5 K Wright beat R Carr 5&4 G Barber beat David Lee 7&6
S Potts beat D Crisp 2&1 S Walker beat t symons 6&5 R Jamieson beat T Carr 3&2
Magdalene Fields B 10-2 Burgham Park
S Armstrong lost to C Moat 2up N Smiles beat M Seccombe 2&1 D Watson beat P Murphy 2&1
D McAskill beat J Strachan 6&5 N Deary beat G Murray 6&5 P Purves beat R Leyland 2&1
Goswick 9-3 Rothbury
D Greenshields beat N Richardson 3&2 S Knightengale lost to Mark Clements 6&5 Paul Holmes drew with P Evans
Ben Wright beat M Arkle 7&5 Arron Borthwick beat N Rogerson 2&1 S Dunn beat S Foreman 3&2

Wednesday, July 03 2019

League 1
Alnmouth Village 12-0 Linden Hall
Sam Read beat L Cochrane 2up J Jobson beat P Cochrane 3&2 A Stanton beat G Lowes 2up
S Oliver beat M Haefner 3&2 C Wass beat Trevor Hodge S McKee beat Simon Osborne 8&7
Magdalene Fields 7-5 Bamburgh Castle
S Jackson lost to P Sanderson 5&4 K Yule beat A Mackay 1up A Potts drew with M Dawson
P Richardson beat M Thompson 4&3 M Hodgson lost to S Priestley 2up K Atkinson beat C Taylor 2up
Alnmouth 10-2 Seahouses
J Henderson lost to A Topham 2&1 R Gander beat J Hogg 5&4 L Denny beat G Pearson 2up
D Baker beat K Swan 2up Kevin Henderson beat Steve Swan 5&4 Phil Airey beat W Craig 10&8
Warkworth 8-4 Alnwick Castle
K Lansbury beat J Friar 4&2 G Henderson lost to W Belisle 2&1 W Gair beat CS Jobson 5&4
M Graham lost to A Smith 3&2 S Glass beat A Tate 2&1 Adam Wales beat M Friar 5&4
League 2
Burgham Park 6-6 Dunstanburgh Castle
C Moat beat S Sullivan 7&6 M Seccombe beat D Saunders 1up J Hendrie lost to D Hindson 1up
G Murray lost to G Barber 3&2 F Leet lost to K Wright 3&2 P Murphy beat R Jamieson 1up
Wooler 6-6 Rothbury
P Routledge beat N Richardson 3&1 S Lowery lost to A Richardson 3&1 David Lee beat P Evans 3&2
Geoff Brown lost to M Arkle 4&3 J Spencer lost to N Rogerson 3&1 T Crossman beat S Foreman 1up
Dunstanburgh Castle B 6-6 Magdalene Fields B
W Sutherland lost to S Armstrong 3&2 David Shearer beat N Smiles 6&5 G Mallaburn beat D Watson 6&4
Dennis Wiiliams beat N Deary 2&1 J Carss lost to M Eden 4&3 I Murdy lost to B Renton 4&3

Wednesday, June 26 2019

League 1
Linden Hall 4-8 Magdalene Fields
L Cochrane beat S Jackson 1up Nick Rushworth lost to K Yule 1up G Lowes lost to P Richardson 8&6
M Haefner beat M Neil 2&1 Chris Foster lost to M Hodgson 4&2 Simon Michie lost to K Atkinson 4&3
Seahouses 12-0 Alnmouth Village
G Hornsby beat Sam Read 4&2 A Topham beat A Stanton 4&3 A Trimby beat J Jobson 1up
J Hogg beat S Oliver 2&1 G Pearson beat N Baxter 5&4 K Wright beat C Wass 2&1
Bamburgh Castle 12-0 Alnwick Castle
P Sanderson beat J Friar 5&4 M Dawson beat CS Jobson 3&1 M Thompson beat A Tate 1up
S Priestley beat A Smith 7&6 C Taylor beat D Swordy Club Admin beat C Donaldson 3&2
Alnmouth 12-0 Warkworth
J Henderson beat K Lansbury 1up L Denny beat G Henderson 4&2 R Gander beat W Gair 4&3
D Baker beat S Glass 8&7 Kevin Henderson beat M Graham 6&5 Phil Airey beat Adam Wales 5&4
League 2
Rothbury 12-0 Dunstanburgh Castle B
N Richardson beat David Shearer 5&3 A Richardson beat W Sutherland 4&2 P Evans beat G Mallaburn 4&2
M Arkle beat J Carss 5&4 N Rogerson beat R Howcroft 5&4 S Foreman beat I Murdy 4&3
Magdalene Fields B 6-6 Goswick
S Armstrong drew with M Wilson N Smiles lost to G Greenaway 3&1 N Deary beat Paul Holmes 4&3
P Purves drew with N Fairburn M Eden lost to Bob Lockwood 1up B Renton beat S Dunn 4&3
Wooler 8-4 Burgham Park
P Routledge beat M Seccombe 3&2 R Carr beat G Murray 3&2 S Lowery beat F Leet 2&1
David Symons lost to D Morse 4&3 T Carr lost to J Strachan 1up T Crossman beat T Davison 4&3

Wednesday, June 19 2019

League 1
Magdalene Fields 10-2 Linden Hall
S Jackson beat L Cochrane 1up A Potts beat P Cochrane 3&2 P Richardson beat M Haefner 4&3
M Neil beat Simon Osborne 7&6 M Hodgson lost to Club Admin 2&1 K Atkinson beat Walk Over 1up
Alnmouth Village 6-6 Seahouses
Sam Read lost to A Topham 1up S Oliver lost to J Hogg 1up A Stanton beat G Pearson 2&1
J Jobson beat K Wright 2&1 B Lawn beat R Locke 6&4 N Baxter lost to D Hornsby 2&1
Alnwick Castle 5-7 Bamburgh Castle
J Lingard drew with P Sanderson J Friar lost to M Dawson 5&4 W Belisle lost to M Thompson 2up
CS Jobson drew with S Priestley A Tate drew with C Lishman D Swordy beat C Taylor 5&4
Warkworth 4-8 Alnmouth
Paul Wilson drew with J Henderson K Lansbury drew with R Gander G Henderson lost to Kevin Henderson 3&2
W Gair beat J Southward 7&6 M Graham lost to D Archibald 3&2 B Sanderson lost to J Eggleston 3&2
League 2
Magdalene Fields B 4-8 Dunstanburgh Castle
S Armstrong drew with D Saunders N Smiles lost to D Hindson 5&4 D Watson lost to K Wright 3&2
D McAskill drew with S Potts P Purves lost to R Jamieson 2&1 M Eden beat P Goodfellow 4&3
Dunstanburgh Castle B 7-5 Wooler
David Shearer drew with R Carr Gary Mallaburn lost to S Lowery 8&7 W Wright lost to t symons 1up
J Carss beat Geoff Brown 5&3 R Howcroft beat R Lowery 2&1 I Murdy beat G Carr 4&2
Goswick 10-2 Burgham Park
N Fairburn lost to C Moat 1up S Dunn beat D Ledger 5&4 Gerry Curran beat Phil Airey 6&5
Morris McGonigle beat F Leet 4&3 Bob Lockwood beat P Murphy 3&2 Colin Greive beat J Strachan 4&3

Wednesday, June 12 2019

League 1
Linden Hall 3-9 Alnmouth Village
G Lowes drew with Sam Read John Simpson lost to B Lawn 2&1 M Haefner lost to J Davison 8&6
Trevor Hodge beat N Baxter 2&1 Simon Osborne lost to C Wass 7&6 P Postgate lost to J B Graham 1up
Bamburgh Castle 6-6 Magdalene Fields
P Sanderson beat S Jackson 1up M Dawson beat K Yule 2&1 M Thompson lost to A Potts 4&3
S Priestley lost to P Richardson 2up C Taylor beat M Hodgson 2&1 Club Admin lost to K Atkinson 3&2
Seahouses 2-10 Alnmouth
G Hornsby lost to J Henderson 2&1 A Topham beat L Denny 3&2 J Hogg lost to R Gander 5&4
K Wright lost to Kevin Henderson 2&1 K Swan lost to Phil Airey 2up R Locke lost to J Southward 3&2
Alnwick Castle 11-1 Warkworth
J Lingard drew with K Lansbury J Friar beat G Henderson 7&5 A Smith beat W Gair 4&3
D Swordy beat S Glass 2&1 M Friar beat B Sanderson 3&2 C Donaldson beat I Gray 5&4
League 2
Rothbury 7-5 Magdalene Fields B
Mark Clements lost to S Armstrong 3&2 N Richardson beat N Smiles 5&3 A Richardson beat D McAskill 2&1
P Evans beat N Deary 4&3 M Arkle drew with P Purves S Foreman lost to B Renton 1up
Burgham Park 10-2 Dunstanburgh Castle B
C Moat beat David Shearer 2up D Ledger beat G Mallaburn 3&2 G Murray beat J Carss 3&2
J Strachan beat R Howcroft 5&4 Phil Airey lost to K Baldwin 4&3 R Leyland beat I Murdy 7&5
Dunstanburgh Castle 5-7 Goswick
S Sullivan lost to D Greenshields 5&3 D Hindson beat G Greenaway 1up D Saunders beat K Gullan 5&4
K Wright lost to Ben Wright 4&3 S Potts drew with Arron Borthwick Jonathan Barber lost to Keith Turnbull 2up

Wednesday, June 05 2019

League 1
Alnmouth Village 5-7 Bamburgh Castle
Sam Read beat J Moffet 2&1 A Stanton drew with A Mackay J Jobson beat M Dawson 4&3
S Oliver lost to M Thompson 3&2 N Baxter lost to S Priestley 2&1 C Wass lost to C Lishman 2&1
Alnmouth 9-3 Linden Hall
J Henderson beat L Cochrane 5&3 R Gander lost to Nick Rushworth L Denny beat Kevin Jones
D Baker drew with Daniel House Kevin Henderson beat G Lowes 4&2 Phil Airey beat P Cochrane 5&4
Magdalene Fields 11-1 Alnwick Castle
S Jackson drew with J Lingard K Yule beat J Friar 3&2 A Potts beat W Belisle 5&4
P Richardson beat CS Jobson 5&4 M Hodgson beat Daniel Harrison 7&6 K Atkinson beat M Friar 4&2
Warkworth 8-4 Seahouses
Paul Wilson beat A Topham 3&2 K Lansbury lost to A Trimby 3&2 G Henderson drew with J Hogg
W Gair beat G Pearson 4&3 B Sanderson beat K Swan 2&1 M Graham drew with R Locke
League 2
Dunstanburgh Castle 10-2 Rothbury
D Saunders beat N Richardson 4&3 K Wright drew with Mark Clements G Barber beat P Evans 5&4
S Potts drew with A Richardson S Walker beat N Rogerson 3&2 R Jamieson beat S Foreman 3&2
Goswick 12-0 Dunstanburgh Castle B
G Greenaway beat Gary Mallaburn 3&1 E Johnson beat B Greenley 7&6 Paul Holmes beat W Sutherland 4&3
N Fairburn beat G Mallaburn 8&7 S Dunn beat I Murdy 6&5 Keith Turnbull beat R Rae 7&6
Wooler 8-4 Magdalene Fields B
P Routledge beat S Armstrong 1up S Lowery lost to D Watson 3&2 R Carr beat N Deary 6&5
G Carr drew with P Purves D Crisp beat M Eden 1up Geoff Brown drew with B Renton

Wednesday, May 29 2019

League 1
Bamburgh Castle 7-5 Alnmouth
P Sanderson lost to J Henderson 2&1 A Mackay beat R Gander 3&2 M Dawson beat Kevin Henderson 2&1
M Thompson beat D Archibald 4&3 S Priestley drew with Phil Airey C Taylor lost to J Southward 2&1
Alnwick Castle 7-5 Alnmouth Village
J Friar beat Sam Read 4&3 W Belisle drew with A Stanton CS Jobson drew with S Oliver
A Tate beat S McKee 7&6 C Donaldson lost to C Wass 2&1 K Murphy drew with J B Graham
Linden Hall 7-5 Seahouses
L Cochrane beat A Topham 4&3 Nick Rushworth beat J Hogg 7&6 P Cochrane drew with G Pearson
M Haefner beat K Wright 2&1 Simon Osborne lost to K Swan 6&4 Chris Foster lost to R Locke 2&1
Magdalene Fields 11-1 Warkworth
S Jackson beat K Lansbury 6&5 K Yule beat R Balmbra 5&4 A Potts beat G Henderson 3&2
P Richardson drew with W Gair M Hodgson beat B Sanderson 3&2 K Atkinson beat I Gray 3&1
League 2
Wooler 4-8 Dunstanburgh Castle
P Routledge lost to D Saunders 5&4 S Lowery drew with D Hindson R Carr lost to K Wright 6&5
G Carr lost to R Jamieson 4&3 David Lee drew with George Robson D Crisp beat Matt Leetham 3&2
Burgham Park 9-3 Magdalene Fields B
C Moat drew with S Armstrong J Hendrie drew with N Smiles F Leet beat D Watson 2&1
P Murphy beat N Deary 1up G Murray drew with M Eden R Leyland beat B Renton 6&4
Rothbury 4-8 Goswick
N Richardson lost to Ivan Martin 3&2 Mark Clements beat K Gullan 5&4 A Richardson drew with G Greenaway
M Arkle drew with N Fairburn S Foreman lost to E Johnson 3&2 T Morris lost to S Dunn 1up

Wednesday, May 22 2019

League 1
Alnmouth 8-4 Alnwick Castle
L Denny lost to J Lingard 6&4 J Henderson beat J Friar 1up R Gander lost to W Belisle 2&1
D Baker beat CS Jobson 2&1 Kevin Henderson beat A Tate 4&3 Phil Airey beat M Friar 6&5
Seahouses 4-8 Bamburgh Castle
G Hornsby lost to P Sanderson 1up A Topham beat M Dawson 1up J Hogg beat M Thompson 4&3
G Pearson lost to S Priestley 2&1 K Wright lost to C Lishman 4&3 K Swan lost to C Taylor 1up
Warkworth 7-5 Linden Hall
K Lansbury lost to L Cochrane 2&1 G Henderson drew with Kevin Jones R Balmbra beat P Cochrane 7&6
W Gair lost to G Lowes 1up B Sanderson beat M Haefner 3&2 S Glass beat Simon Osborne 6&4
Alnmouth Village 6-6 Magdalene Fields
Sam Read lost to S Jackson 2&1 A Stanton beat K Yule 1up S Oliver beat A Potts 1up
S McKee beat P Richardson 2up C Wass lost to M Hodgson 1up S Foreman lost to K Atkinson 5&3
League 2
Dunstanburgh Castle 10-2 Burgham Park
D Saunders beat D Ledger 3&2 K Wright beat Phil Airey 3&2 S Potts drew with P Murphy
G Barber beat G Murray 6&4 R Jamieson drew with J Strachan George Robson beat Phil Airey 6&5
Rothbury 10-2 Wooler
N Richardson beat R Carr 9&7 Mark Clements beat David Lee 9&7 A Richardson beat D Crisp 3&2
M Arkle beat t symons 7&5 D Wood lost to David Symons 3&2 S Foreman beat R Lowery 6&5
Magdalene Fields B 10-2 Dunstanburgh Castle B
S Armstrong beat G Mallaburn 4&3 N Smiles beat David Shearer 1up N Deary drew with W Sutherland
M Eden beat Anthony McGrady 5&3 K Nisbet beat J Carss 7&5 B Renton drew with K Baldwin

Wednesday, May 15 2019

League 1
Alnwick Castle 8-4 Seahouses
J Lingard beat A Trimby 2&1 J Friar lost to J Hogg 1up W Belisle lost to A Topham 3&2
CS Jobson beat K Wright 2&1 A Tate beat K Swan 1up C Donaldson beat D Hornsby 4&3
Magdalene Fields 10-2 Alnmouth
S Jackson beat L Denny 6&4 A Potts beat J Henderson 1up P Richardson lost to Phil Airey 1up
K Yule beat J Southward 2up M Hodgson beat D Archibald 4&3 K Atkinson beat D Lillico 3&2
Bamburgh Castle 11-1 Linden Hall
P Sanderson beat Kevin Jones 4&3 M Dawson beat G Lowes 3&2 A Mackay beat M Haefner 4&3
M Thompson beat Simon Osborne 7&6 S Priestley beat P Postgate 4&3 C Taylor drew with Barrie Guy
Alnmouth Village 3-9 Warkworth
Sam Read drew with Paul Wilson A Stanton lost to K Lansbury 5&4 B Lawn beat S Fairhurst 5&4
N Baxter lost to R Balmbra 6&4 S Oliver lost to W Gair 1up S McKee lost to S Glass 3&2
League 2
Dunstanburgh Castle B 1-11 Dunstanburgh Castle
G Mallaburn lost to D Saunders 4&2 David Shearer lost to S Sullivan 3&2 J Carss lost to K Wright 3&2
R Howcroft lost to S Walker 4&2 I Murdy drew with G Barber K Baldwin lost to R Jamieson 4&3
Burgham Park 5-7 Rothbury
C Moat beat N Richardson 4&2 D Ledger lost to Mark Clements 6&5 P Murphy drew with A Richardson
J Strachan lost to M Arkle 1up Phil Airey lost to S Foreman 1up R Leyland beat D Upton 4&3
Wooler 0-12 Goswick
S Lowery lost to Ivan Martin 1up R Carr lost to D Greenshields 3&2 D Crisp lost to G Reid 4&3
Geoff Brown lost to S Knightengale 6&5 t symons lost to Club Admin 2&1 R Lowery lost to N Fairburn 2&1

Wednesday, May 08 2019

League 1
Seahouses 4-8 Magdalene Fields
A Trimby lost to S Jackson 5&4 J Hogg beat A Potts 4&3 A Topham lost to P Richardson 1up
K Wright beat K Yule 4&2 K Swan lost to M Hodgson 6&5 R Locke lost to K Atkinson 7&6
Linden Hall 3-9 Alnwick Castle
L Cochrane lost to J Lingard 3&2 Kevin Jones lost to J Friar 3&2 P Cochrane drew with W Belisle
G Lowes beat CS Jobson 1up Simon Osborne lost to Daniel Harrison 2up Simon Michie lost to C Donaldson 6&5
Alnmouth 12-0 Alnmouth Village
L Denny beat Sam Read 2&1 J Henderson beat A Stanton 4&2 R Gander beat B Lawn 7&6
D Baker beat N Baxter 5&4 Phil Airey beat S Oliver 2&1 J Southward beat S McKee 5&4
Warkworth 9-3 Bamburgh Castle
K Lansbury beat P Sanderson 2&1 M Allen drew with M Dawson R Balmbra beat M Thompson 4&3
W Gair beat S Priestley 2&1 G Henderson beat C Lishman 3&2 S Glass lost to C Taylor 1up
League 2
Dunstanburgh Castle 12-0 Dunstanburgh Castle B
D Saunders beat Adam Gilroy 6&5 S Sullivan beat G Mallaburn 3&2 K Wright beat J Wilkin 1up
G Barber beat J Carss 4&3 S Potts beat R Howcroft 3&2 R Jamieson beat I Murdy 5&3
Rothbury 7-5 Burgham Park
N Richardson beat C Moat 8&7 Mark Clements beat J Hendrie 6&5 A Richardson beat F Leet 2&1
M Arkle drew with P Murphy N Rogerson lost to G Murphy 1up S Foreman lost to R Leyland 1up
Goswick 11-1 Wooler
D Greenshields beat P Routledge 3&2 Ivan Martin beat S Lowery 7&6 K Gullan beat R Lowery 2&1
E Johnson drew with V Bisset N Fairburn beat Geoff Brown 2up Keith Turnbull beat S Lamb 5&3