League Open Day Rules

The Open Days League shall consist of those member clubs of the NNGL who wish to take part, being held on Saturdays at each of those clubs (presently 10).

Each team to consist of equal numbers of players, with the total field being limited to one hundred players (presently 8 per team).

The competition to be 18 hole stableford with a maximum handicap of 28.

The overall competition to be two leagues, one gross and one net, using stableford points format.The total of four best scores maximum at each venue to be used towards each league total.The number of qualifying scores (presently 4 max) shall be decided at each AGM that changes the number of teams.

There will be an individual gross and net competition at each venue using stableford format, with ties being decided by host club rules.In the event of the same player having the best gross and net, he may take the gross prize with the net prize going to the next best net score.

No player may represent more than one club in a season.

The entry fee ( decided at the AGM from time to time, and paid directly to the players home club), presently £5 per player will be split 2 ways with £4 being retained by the host club, the remaining £1 to be paid to the league as an open day fee of £72 on or before hosting the event.

Each venue may operate a £1 per player optional sweep (juniors included subject to host club rules). The sweep must be paid out to 1st, 2nd and 3rd stableford positions split 50%, 30% and 20%. A 2s sweep may also be operated and must be paid out in cash prizes to winners, A hole in 1 will have an equal share.

Host Clubs will be responsible for paying out sweep money to winning players directly following the competition.

Host clubs must provide a full list of individual scores to each participating club and The League Secretary following the competition.