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Hi All,

Received news via e mail that Longhirst Hall have resigned from the League with a view to joining The Hadrian League next year.

The Presidents Bowl next year was to be played at Longhirst, next club in line is Burgham Park. This will be discussed at the AGM.

Also for next year Burgham Park have withdrawn from League Open Days, this means that we will be down to 8 teams. During the course of this year a few clubs have had problems fielding a full team for these events. We need ideas from clubs to improve these events and we will be having an open discussion at the AGM. Any ideas forthcoming will be welcome and discussed without being seconded as proposals. Any ideas accepted by the meeting to improve next years open days will be put to

2019 spring meeting as proposals for 2019.

I look forward to hearing from you asap.


regards Malcolm

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